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  London based Moonshake, formerly with Too Pure (previous home of Seefeel, Stereolab, PJ Harvey, and Faith Healers) signed an exclusive worldwide recording contract with C/Z Records in the Fall of 1995.

Originally the brainchild of songwriters Dave Callahan and Margaret Fiedler, Moonshake had their domestic introduction with the release of Eva Luna on the New York Matador label. Fiedler departed shortly after the release of the 1994 EP, Big Good Angel (also released on Matador) to form Laika.

Their subsequent LP, The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow was released in the U.S. by American Recordings after being available in the UK. for over a year.

The first release written solely by Dave Callahan, The Sound features P.J. Harvey and Katherine Gifford (Stereolab) guesting on extra vocal duties. This also marked the first appearance of master saxophonist Raymond Dickaty, who more recently lent his services to Lush, Stereolab, and Gallon Drunk. Raymond stayed on as a full member and became an integral part of the new Moonshake.

The new material has a simpler feel yet retains all the quirkiness and the many hybrids of musical styles present in older incarnations of the band.

Samplings of grinding industrial clamor, saxophones affected by surreal sources, and a cool sneer that echoes John Lydon are standard fare. Blending avant pop and jazz melodies over bass and drum lines rooted in funk and dub reggae, Moonshake walk on the edge of chaos with fine precision.

Earning the distinction of being C/Z's first British signing and also our first band without guitar, this band is very special.

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