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The Gits

  Frenching The Bully
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  Steve, Mia, Matt and Joe met in 1985 in Yellow Springs, Ohio and formed The Gits in 1986. From their inception to this day it was paramount for them to create music that was uncompromising, honest and came straight from heart.

What developed is music that combines the aggression and tempo of hardcore, influences of early UK punk, and Mia's bluesy vocals. After several West Coast tours and a European tour under their belt and with accolades from the press after the release of their first record, The Gits were gearing up for a national tour and another trip through Europe.

But their bright future was tragically cut short during the early morning hours of July 8, 1993: Mia Zapata was discovered brutally murdered on a Seattle street. The music community, the band and her friends and family were devastated. Prior to Mia's tragic death, the band was in the midst of recording their second album.

After much consideration, Steve, Matt and Joe decided to mix the recording as close to their original vision as possible.

The record features a moving rendition of Sam Cooke's soul classic, ďA Change Is Gonna Come, remixed versions of their rare, early singles and an acoustic version of Social Love from a benefit concert Mia did November 1990, which precedes the band's version on the release.

The Gits' two records are a testament to the power of their strong friendships and the band's ability to create music that combines intensity, humor and urgency. C/Z will always be proud to have been able to work with The Gits.

Right back to the late-70s punk seethings documented in England by Vice Squad and Girlschool, and in early West Coast flowerings by the Bags and the Eyes.

The Gits have the heart, fearlessness and impatience of a great lost Dangerhouse single.

All of Frenching the Bully charges along at about 85 miles an hour - the kind of amphetamined chunks of lunacy that'll have you yelling rude words at bus conductors. CMJ-Jackpot

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