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7 Year Bitch

  Sick 'Em
  Viva Zapata

  Full Album and Songs
  Full Album and Songs

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  Pure power, a fierce honesty, and the kind of chemistry between band members that few artists will ever be fortunate enough to find: Enter 7 Year Bitch.

C/Z first took notice of this band after they released their first single, "Lorna." Melody Maker described 7 Year Bitch as, "a righteous explosion of rage and vitriol." From there, things began to fall into the bands lap, slowly building a momentum which seemed almost unstoppable.

Pearl Jam asked 7 Year Bitch to take their place opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on three Northwest dates almost immediately after they signed to C/Z in 1992.

C/Z re-released the Lorna 7" and the band headlined a packed show at Wetlands during the New Music Seminar that June. Everything seemed too good to be true. They began recording their first full-length, but due to the untimely death of guitarist Stephanie Sargent, the release of their debut record, Sick 'Em, was delayed until October of that year.

The band found Guitarist Roisin Dunne to replace Stephanie, and proceeded with their relentless touring schedule. Included was a Fall European tour and several National tours with the likes of Silverfish and Love Battery, as well as another with Cypress Hill and Rage Against the Machine. Viva Zapata! was released by C/Z in 1994. From this point forward, the band was able to tour nationally, headlining most everywhere they played.

It was only inevitable that the majors would begin flocking, and in 1995 Tim Sommers (Hootie & The Blowfish) signed the band to Atlantic. Gato Negro was released in 1996 to an avalanche of press and an exhaustive tour schedule. 7 Year Bitch toured for a better part of the year, but failed to see the sales numbers hoped for by Atlantic, and in 1996 they were dropped after only the one record. The band broke up late in 1997.

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