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  Silkworm began in the town of Missoula, Montana (perhaps better known as the hometown of David Lynch and Steve Albini), where Tim, Andy, and founding member Joel Phelps met.

They arrived in Seattle at the beginning of 1990 and in 1992 released their first record, L'ajre, on their own Temporary Freedom label. In 1994, C/Z released In the West which was received with a tidal wave of critical acclaim and industry hipper-than-thou buzz and attention. And deservedly so: There's not another band that ties so many disparate elements together - loud and quiet, tragic and comic, instrumental flash and lyrical insight.

Silkworm toured and played almost every music industry convention known to man and can now fill these rooms with alterna-MD hipsters and ill-fitting Italian suits alike.

The following year saw the release of Libertine, which in turn let to their signing to Matador. Somewhere in the interim, Joel left the band to pursue his own music, and the band continued to tour almost religiously as a three-piece.

Over the years they have toured with folks like Hum, Shellac, Guided by Voices, aMiniature, and Jessamine. Still something of an anomaly, Silkworm continue to amaze. But it is In the West (with Phelps), which many consider as Silkworm's shining moment.

After several records with Matador, the band jumped ship, and have now signed to Midwest mainstay, Touch n Go.

Phelps has released a number of stunning, gorgeous releases, and Silkworm continue to endure, releasing new records and touring incessantly.

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