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Alcohol Funnycar

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  This band likes to open the throttle up to full and throw caution to the wind; the results aren't always as important as the fun you have getting there. -Magnet

Yes folks, it is the moment we have all been waiting for: after more than a year and a half since their last full length, Alcohol Funnycar roars on to the speedway once again with their release entitled Weasels.

Since their inception in 1991, AFC's music has continued to mature by leaps and bounds. The band's previous release, Time to Make the Donuts garnered rave reviews, and Weasles, produced by Bruce Calder (Love Battery, Satchel, Jesus Jones), should be welcomed by the press and radio like an old friend.

Ben London's heavy pop laden guitar work, and un-mistakeable vocals are ever present, anchored by a solid undercurrent laid down by ex-Love Battery bassist Tommy Simpson and Seattle rock newcomer, Joel Trueblood.

From the first track, "Objects", Weasles grabs the listener with an unexpected melancholy, slowly building, until Napoleon pummles with a furious pop frenzy, promising to be a timeless rock classic. Shapes, from the last album was chosen as lead off single for the soundtrack to the movie Brainscan. Has toured with the likes of Bad Brains and The Supersuckers.

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