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Built To Spill

  Ultimate Alternative Wavers

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  Built to Spill came from unusual parents: Doug Martsch used to be the chief songwriter for the Treepeople. He left the band because his desire to tour had waned to near nonexistent, but more importantly because Doug desired a new creative situation.

Martsch enlisted the services of guitar friend Brett Netson from Boise's misunderstood psychedelic warriors Caustic Resin (whose debut Body Love Body Hate is available from C/Z) and a mysterious percussion fella named Ralf from Eugene, Oregon.

Built to Spill (BTS), much like Blue Oyster Cult (BOC), Bachman Turner Overdrive (BOC) or a bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich (BLT) are a very savory delight indeed. Mr. Martsch's motivation for recording this record was initially unknown, but considering that Doug has become one of the most lauded creative forces in the Northwest, C/Z is proud to have been the launching pad for such a prestigious career...plus, we believe this is one of the best records C/Z has ever released.

Initially, Ultimate Alternative Wavers was a hard sell, but after the inevitable passing of time, the momentum began to grow and Doug made a leap to Seattle's UP! records and released the classic Aint nothing wrong with love followed by the BTS/Caustic Resin group effort…go figure.

For those of you still-uninitiated, Built to Spill is now a full time Warner Brothers recording artist. Supreme songs on this record are, though for Chrissakes not limited to: Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup which is a nice send up of the Velvet Underground's Oh Sweet Nothin, Shameful Dread, Three Years Ago Today, Revolution and the explanatory The First Song.

Enjoy - this is genius in it's purest form.

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