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Gerald Collier

  I Had To Laugh Like Hell

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  Best Kissers in the World


  Gerald Collier moved from Arizona to Seattle in the early 90's with his band, Best Kissers in the World, and in short time, saw the release their first EP on Sub Pop. Barely a year later, the band was signed to MCA and in 1993 their major label debut EP, Pudding was released followed by the critically acclaimed, Been There LP.

In spite of an arduous touring schedule, which included two tours each with X and Social Distortion, MCA found that they were unable to break the band to their satisfaction. The Kissers recorded a second record (entitled, Yellow Brick Road Kill) but it never saw the light of day, so the band, frustrated, weary and broke, threw in the towel in 1995.

With a spiteful sense of optimism, Gerald continued to write and play. He found solace in going back to his roots, and it shows on his first record, I had to laugh like Hell. There is an undeniable country twinge throughout.

A subconscious nod to old favorites like Willie Nelson, and David Allen Coe is evident, but if John Lennon had made a country record, it might have sounded like this. Indeed, it is a gracious affirmation of heredity over environment.

In 1997, after considerable attention from the media and several majors, Gerald signed with Revolution records. His major label debut came out in March of this year, and is just starting to heat up.

Gerald's music is spare and simple, his voice is plaintive. The songs explore the troublesome side of religion, relationships, drinking too much, and loneliness. The loneliness is okay, because in the end, that's an undeniable truth.

When the record is over, you're still alone and on your own, no matter who loves you. And that my friend, is not only when you want a record like this, it's when you need it.

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